Dedicated IP addresses

This feature is only available for EmailOctopus Connect users.

If you use EmailOctopus Connect, by default, IP addresses used to send your emails are shared with other Amazon SES users. This means your sender's reputation might depend on other users on the same IP pool. If you'd rather get dedicated IP addresses reserved for your exclusive use – Amazon gives you this option. 

You can choose from two ways in which you can manage your dedicated IP addresses:

  • Standard - set up and managed by you alone.
  • Managed - managed and optimised for your sending patterns by Amazon SES.

While dedicated IPs may be a good solution for some senders, there are a few things worth noting before you decide to apply for one:

  • If you don’t send high volumes of emails or if your sending patterns are irregular, using dedicated IP addresses might cause deliverability issues.
  • Dedicated IP addresses can only handle a maximum send rate of 40 emails per second. This speed cannot be modified.
  • Dedicated IPs are available at an additional cost.

Setup process

You can set up dedicated IPs through your AWS console. 

You can learn more about the setup process here.

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