How to move a contact to another automation

Once a contact in your automation completes all of the steps you wish them to complete, they can be added to another automation automatically. 

First, create the target automation where you would like to add your contacts based on the Action in the source automation. When setting it up, choose the "Manual" trigger, then add other steps. Make sure this automation is connected to the same list as your initial automation.

Once that’s set up, go to your initial automation and add an "Action" step for the contacts to trigger another automation. To do that, click on the plus icon.

Then, select the "Action" step. 

Click on the drop-down menu under "Choose an action" and select "Trigger another automation".

From the drop-down menu under "Automation", select the automation where you’d like to add these contacts. Then, click "Save & close". 

Once both automations are enabled, the contacts will be automatically moved between them. 

To edit an already-enabled automation, you first need to pause it.
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