How to create an advanced automation

Our new advanced automation tools allow you to create a variety of marketing scenarios. You can choose from many available triggers, conditions and actions to send automated emails that will reach the right audience at the perfect time.

From the main dashboard, go to the Automations tab and click on the "Create" button.

Choose a name for your automation and the list it will be connected to, then click on the "Save & next" button.

You will see a pop-up prompting you to choose your automation trigger, determining which of your subscribers from the connected list will be included in your automation.

The trigger that you'd choose would depend on your specific marketing scenario.

For example – if you're an author and you tag your subscribers based on the books they're interested in, you can use advanced automation to create automated promotional emails for people interested in specific series. You would use "Contact tag added" as your trigger in that example.

To add the next step, click on the + button.

You can choose between:

  • sending an email
  • waiting for a specified amount of time
  • filtering contacts based on conditions
  • performing an action on them (changing their data or adding them to another automation). 

Let's say that you're writing in English and Spanish. If you have information about your subscribers' language stored as a custom field, you can use the "Condition" step to split them into two separate paths. For example, if you look for contacts who speak English, they will be included in your Automation's positive (left) path. Everyone else would have to speak Spanish, and they will go on the negative (right) path.

Now, you can add "Send email" steps on both sides to create emails in two languages for both groups. If you want to send more automated emails every few days, you can add "Wait" steps between them.

When you're done with your automation steps, click on the "Settings" button to enable the options you need, and click "Save & Close" if you made any changes.

Click the "Start" button in the upper right corner to launch your automation. When you do that, the Start button will change to Pause. If you'd like to edit your steps after starting your automation, you'll have to press that button first. When you finish making your changes, simply click the Start button again to restart your automation.

Once subscribers complete all the steps in an automation, they will be removed from it and will not go through any steps added afterwards.

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