My test wasn’t delivered

If you notice your test message didn’t arrive, make sure to also check the spam folder and any other folders or tabs within your inbox, as it may have landed there.

If you don’t find it anywhere in your inbox, it’s possible that it bounced. This would usually happen because of your domain’s internal policies. In such a case, verifying your domain with EmailOctopus is the best solution. Going through this process will also benefit your overall deliverability and inbox placement. You can learn how to do that here.

Remember that test messages may be treated differently from regular emails. If your test lands in spam, it doesn’t necessarily mean this will be true for the actual campaigns or automated emails. Test emails are not meant to test your deliverability but your campaign’s design. To test your deliverability, we recommend creating a seed list and sending emails to it as you would to regular contacts on your list.

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