Verifying a new domain

Note: This article applies to EmailOctopus only. If you're using EmailOctopus Connect with Amazon SES please read this article.

When you sign up to EmailOctopus the email address used during that sign-up will be already be verified, so you can begin sending immediately. You can go further, though, by verifying a domain. Verifying a domain can help deliverability and will allow you to send from any email address held under that domain.

To begin the process, visit the Senders screen.

Click Verify domain and enter your domain name

Once you've clicked verify, you'll be presented with 7 settings which you will need to copy across to the service which handles your DNS settings (this is usually where you bought your domain). Create the new DNS records, copying the settings exactly as they appear in EmailOctopus.

Once you have copied all your records across, click the Complete Verification button at the top right of the page to verify you have added all the records correctly.

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