Verifying a new domain

If you have your own domain, we strongly recommend verifying this domain in your EmailOctopus account, as it will help improve your inbox placement and deliverability.

Note: This article applies to EmailOctopus only. If you're using EmailOctopus Connect with Amazon SES please read this article.

The email address you used to sign up to EmailOctopus will be automatically verified, so you can start sending from it immediately. However, if you have your own domain, we strongly recommend going a step further and verifying it too. Going through this process will help you achieve better deliverability and allow you to send from any email address held under that domain.

Additionally, all emails sent from EmailOctopus are routed through one of our own domains. This means that your recipients might see "sent via" when they receive your campaign. Verifying your domain will eliminate that message, as your emails will then be sent via your own domain.

To begin the process, visit the Senders screen.

Click Verify domain and enter your domain name

Once you've clicked verify, you'll be presented with records that you will need to copy across to the service that handles your DNS settings (this is usually where you bought your domain). Create the new DNS records, copying the settings exactly as they appear in EmailOctopus.

Once you have copied all your records across, return to EmailOctopus and click the Complete Verification button at the top right to verify you have added all four records correctly.

You may notice that we generate only CNAME records and no SPF record. That's not a mistake, we take care of the SPF record on our end, you don't have to edit it.

Note: Not all domain providers' DNS set-ups will be the same. If you receive a Failed status upon clicking "Complete verification" try creating the CNAME records with just the subdomain in your new DNS settings. Example: Remove "" from all CNAME records when you copy and paste them to your domain provider's DNS settings, so "" becomes just "bounce".

If you need any help setting up your DNS records, please contact your domain host's support – they'll be happy to do it for you.

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