Adding new fields

If you want to personalise your campaigns more, you likely will want to add additional fields – we call these custom fields. Custom fields are widely used to store information on a subscriber, such as their address, phone number or age.

Custom fields can be added via the list screen, which can be found by clicking the  Fields tab on your list

When creating a new custom field you'll be asked to provide the following:

  • Field label: The field label is a descriptive name, used only within the platform. 
  • Field type: You have the option of adding text or number fields. Text fields can hold any data as a string, so if you're storing telephone numbers this is likely the preferred option. Number fields can only store integers.
  • Tag: This tag is a single word, used as identifier when you need to reference the field. The tag is used for both merge tags and when searching for contact.
  • Default value: The default value is the text which is used by default if a field is referenced in a campaign but doesn't exist for a contact.

You may add up to 18 of your own fields, making the total fields stored 20 including First and Last name.

The character limit for every value is 200.

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