Maximum size of images


While our editor doesn't have image dimension limits, uploading high-resolution images might cause an error. That's why the ideal dimensions of the images you use in your emails should be the same as the width you set for them.

The most recommended and, at the same time, default email width in our drag and drop editor is 600 pixels, so if you use this one, that would also be the best width for your images.

Generally, a width of 900-1200 pixels is considered best for images in emails and is widely recommended, as it's optimal for most devices, especially mobile ones.


The ideal image size is considered to fall between 200 KB and 1 MB, but we recommend that every image you upload be less than 500KB, as the larger the image size, the slower your email will load.

You will receive an error when uploading an image larger than 5 MB into our editor.

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