How to sort and search for landing pages and forms

With our new landing pages & forms search screen, you can sort and search for your landing pages and forms based on their style, connected list, name, and the last time they were edited.

To start, click on the Landing pages & forms tab within your account.

You can choose to search and sort landing pages, forms, or both of those combined by selecting the appropriate tab:


If you want to sort your landing pages and forms based on either Name or Last edited date, you can click on the button in the Sort by section and choose the appropriate option. You can also click on the arrow button to choose ascending or descending order.

By default, all of the landing pages and forms in the Landing pages & forms tab are sorted by the Last edited data.

Under the Landing pages tab, landing pages can also be sorted by their status and connected list. To sort them, simply click on the tab above the search bar and then choose your criteria on the left:

Forms can be sorted based on their style and connected list. To do that, click on the Forms tab above the search bar and choose the criteria on the left:


You can search for a specific form or landing page by typing its name in the search bar. You can also adjust the order by using the sorting options. The matching forms and landing pages will be displayed automatically.

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