Fonts in email

When you choose a font for your email, it’s important to keep in mind that not all fonts are supported by every email client or browser. If the font you chose can’t be rendered in the recipient’s email client, it will be substituted for the alternative font (a fallback font). This means that your design may look different from what you see in the editor. 

The fonts in our editor are ordered by the level of support in email clients:

  1. Web Safe Fonts - from Arial to Verdana: work in >90% of email clients
  2. Open Sans/Roboto: work in ~15% of email clients, including Gmail.
  3. Other Google fonts - from Lato to PT Serif: work in ~10% of email clients, mainly iOS and Apple Mail. Those fonts are not supported in Gmail.

We provide fallbacks for fonts in your templates in case a specific email client can’t render the font you chose. 

What can I do to make sure that my email is displayed exactly as I intended?

  • Use Web Safe Fonts (from Arial to Verdana) - those fonts have the best support across email clients and browsers, so they will always be the safest choice.
  • Test your email before sending it to your list - you can use our “Preview and test” feature to send a test of your design to one of your own email addresses. It may be useful to test your template across major email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo to see if the font you’ve chosen is supported there.
  • If you're using custom fonts in the Code your own editor, always test your campaign thoroughly to ensure your fonts display as you expect in each email client. We recommend always using a Web Safe Font as a fallback.
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