My account is being reviewed

To maintain excellent service and deliverability, we review all accounts that sign up for EmailOctopus. This process can take up to one day, although we usually try to complete these checks within a few hours. Once our checks are complete, our team will send you an email letting you know the outcome.

If you have been waiting for approval for longer than a day, check your inbox, as you might have received a message from us requesting more information.

Our email may have been placed in an existing thread (for example, if you're using Gmail). If you don't find it in your mailbox, search for emails from "" with "Your EmailOctopus account is being reviewed" as a subject and look through existing email threads. It's also worth checking the spam/junk folder, and other folders and tabs.

If you sign up to EmailOctopus Connect with your Amazon SES account, then Amazon will carry out those checks. This process is called requesting production access.

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