Campaign tracking

By default all campaigns have tracking enabled. Tracking allows you to monitor the opens and clicks on a campaign, meaning you can analyse performance and engagement for your users.

If you are using our open and click tracking, you are responsible under our Terms of Service for obtaining any necessary consent of your contacts in accordance with your local data privacy legislation. Although this is not legal advice, we recommend that you include the following text in your privacy policy where you collect your emails. This will inform your subscribers that you are using open tracking in your emails.

"We use tracking technologies such as tracking pixels in some of our emails. These are set on our behalf by EmailOctopus (our email service provider) and help us to understand how you interact with those emails, and we use that information to improve how we use email to promote our products and services."

If you are looking to reduce the amount of tracking put in place on users, we support the disabling of tracking on a per campaign basis. If you're not actively using your metrics, we would go as far to recommend this approach.

To disable tracking, simply choose the below options when creating a campaign.

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