How to sort, order and search for contacts

With our new list view, you can sort, order and search for contacts based on their status, tags and the segments they are in.

To start, click on the Lists tab and click on the name of your list.


Click on the up or down arrow next to the field’s name to order your contacts based on their values in that field.

You can select to sort your contacts based on the following:

Subscriber's status – click on the “any”, “subscribed”, or “unsubscribed” labels to filter your contacts accordingly.

Segment – from the dropdown, you can select the name of the segment or segments you created for this list. Once selected, you’ll view all the contacts that currently match the specific segment’s conditions;

Assigned tags – you can choose between the tags created within this list by clicking on the label with the appropriate tag from the dropdown. You can also select multiple tags to filter the contacts who have multiple tags assigned.

The above can be mixed and matched to create specific target audiences. Once selected, the contacts who meet all the conditions will be displayed below.

We'll retain the last view of your contacts so that it's available the next time you visit your contacts list. You can reset it by clicking on the X sign next to the specific filter.


To search for specific contacts, type their email addresses in the search bar above the list. The matching contacts will be displayed below automatically.

At the bottom of the list, you can access the preference dropdown. This will allow you to adjust your preference for the contact details displayed next to each of the contacts. To adjust the preference, tick or untick the boxes next to each option, and the changes will be made automatically within the contact table.

You can select the below options:

First name field – the first name field assigned to the contact,

Last name field – the last name field assigned to the contact,

Tags – any tags that are assigned to the contact,

Added – time the contact was added to the list,

Last changed – time the contact was last modified,

Custom fields – any custom fields created for the list.

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