How to use actions in a list

If you’d like to perform some actions on multiple contacts at once, click on the Lists tab in the dashboard and then choose the desired list to see its contacts. From here, you can select the contacts on which you'd like to perform your action.

To do that,  click inside the checkbox on the far left side of the subscribers to select them manually or click on the dropdown next to the Email address column header to select all of the email addresses displayed on the current page, or all of them in general.

We show 50 contacts per page by default, but you can change that number using the dropdown below the Email address column.

You can also use the search bar or add filters to bring up specific contacts that you’re looking for and select them. In the example below, we chose to display contacts with a specific tag and selected all of them.

Once you select all the contacts you need, click on the “Actions” button above the Email address header, and choose the action that you’d like to perform. 

Update tags – add or remove tags of the selected contacts. Learn more about it in this article: How to add tags in bulk.

Mark as unsubscribed – change the status of the selected contacts to "Unsubscribed."

Delete – remove the selected contacts from your list. Keep in mind that this is different from unsubscribing them, which we recommend. We explain the difference between both here.

Export – generate a CSV file with all the selected contacts. You can also choose whether the exported file should include columns with all the list fields, or only those currently displayed.

To include specific table fields in your export, you'd need to adjust the fields using the "Table fields" button in the bottom left corner of your list.

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