Images not displaying in a recipient’s mailbox

If the images of the campaign or automated email you sent aren't displayed once the email is delivered within the inbox, in most cases, when this happens, it's because your email client is not pre-fetching images automatically.

For instance, the images of an email that landed in a spam folder might not be pre-fetched as a part of security prevention. Dragging the email out of the spam folder or marking it as not spam and moving it to the main inbox might help with the image display issue.

The images might also be blocked by a firewall even if the email ends up in the main folder. To prevent this from happening, ask your subscribers to add your From email address to their safe list or address book, as that would prevent any future campaigns from the image display issue.

The same can happen for campaigns or automated emails coming from unauthenticated domains – this is why your recipients might not be able to see your campaign as expected. In many cases, this could be resolved by domain verification.

If that doesn't help, you might want to double-check the inbox settings and if it's set up correctly to display the images.

If you're using image URLs that are hosted by third parties, make sure the images are set up to be used on a public web server. If your images are stored on your personal computer or are password-protected, they won't display in an email.

In some cases, the image might be just too large or in a format that the email client doesn't support; the most common formats and formats we support are JPG, PNG and GIF (raw .gif). We also support SVG images, but we don't recommend using them, as some email clients don't fully support them (for example, Gmail).

If the above points don't help the image display issue, you might want to try a different device or network, as those can also block the connection to the domain where the pictures are held, especially if you use a company device or WiFi.

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