How to collect additional data from your subscribers?

To add a contact to your EmailOctopus list, all you need is their email address. But if you'd like to customise your campaigns or use our Segmentation feature, you might want to add more information about your subscribers.

If you've collected additional contact information in the past, you can add it with an import. You'd need to map the data from the file you import into fields within your EmailOctopus list.

If you haven't been collecting any information about your subscribers, you can start doing it with a sign-up form or landing page.

Start by creating new fields for the data you wish to collect (see Adding New Fields). Then, add those fields to a sign-up form or a landing page of your choice by clicking on them or dragging them onto your form.

For the moment, there's no way for your subscribers to update their data and preferences on their own. If any of their details changed, you can edit them manually within your account.

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