Automation reports

Automation reports give you information on the performance of your automated emails. To find them, go to the Automations tab and click on the menu button on the right side of the automation you'd like to check, and choose "View report" from the dropdown.

In the report, you can see how many contacts finished the automation and how many are still going through its steps. When you click on the number above the "Finished" section, you'll see the list of all the contacts that completed the automation. You can also see the overall performance of the automated emails.

Scroll down to see monthly automation statistics. You can choose from various date ranges via a dropdown menu on the right side. 

Below the monthly table, you will see a list of the automated emails present in your automation with their general stats. Click on the "View report" button on the right side of the email to see its detailed report.

You can learn more about what's included in our reports in this video.

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