How EmailOctopus's pricing works

EmailOctopus charges based on the number of subscribed contacts* you want to store. When you initially sign up for a paid subscription, choose the maximum number of subscribers you require, and you will be charged according to the tier you pick.

*Your plan will be based on the number of subscribers, as long as you don't pass your sending limit. If you need to send more emails, you will need to upgrade to a tier that matches your sending needs. 


Upgrades happen automatically based on your list size. So, if your list grows beyond your current subscription tier, we'll immediately move you up to the next available tier. At the same time, we'll also charge the price difference between what you've already paid. If you'd like to have more than 500,000 contacts, contact our support team.

You can also upgrade your plan manually, for example, when you need a higher sending volume than your current plan allows. You can do that by clicking the "Change quotas" button on your account page. From there, you can choose a new plan using the slider and click the "Upgrade" button to confirm the change. You'll be charged according to the quotation above that button.


You can enable automatic downgrades using the "Optimise plan pricing" functionality found on your account page. Once this is enabled, if your total number of subscribers falls, then at the start of your next billing period, we'll move you to the most appropriate lower tier and adjust your monthly costs.

You can also downgrade your plan manually to a tier that supports your current list size through the "Change quotas" button on your account page. From there, you can use the slider to choose a new, smaller plan. Click on the "Downgrade" button to confirm the change. Your plan will switch to the one you chose on the next billing date.

For further information on your pricing and to estimate future costs, head to our pricing section.

We only count your subscribed contacts. Contacts who have unsubscribed or have been removed due to a bounce do not count towards your subscriber total.

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