How does EmailOctopus' pricing work?

EmailOctopus charges based on the number of subscribed contacts in your account; you’ll only ever pay for what you store.  When you initially sign up for a paid subscription, choose the amount of subscribers you require and you will be charged for that amount.
We then calculate your tier using your highest subscriber count in each billing cycle; if your tier changes to a higher level during a billing cycle you’ll see an additional charge for the pro-rated difference.  If your tier changes to a lower level during a billing cycle, your plan will be automatically downgraded at the end of the billing period. 
For further information on your pricing and to estimate future costs, head to the billing screen in your account.

Note: If you are a user with an older legacy Tuna, Stingray, Shark or Whale plan, you will need to manually upgrade or downgrade your plan as required in the plan section of your account. This does not happen automatically based on your subscriber amount. When you upgrade your plan, you will receive a bill for your new plan. It is pro-rated for the remaining time of your billing cycle, and you are credited the unused time of your previous plan. When you downgrade, your next billing cycle will be invoiced at the lower rate.

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