Maintaining your sender reputation

Your sender reputation is an indication of how trustworthy you are as a sender. The higher your score, the more deliverable your emails are, so maintaining this is vital. Our top tips for doing that are as follows:

  • Never buy, rent, or share email addresses; only send to recipients who have requested your emails.
  • Your emails should provide value - if you wouldn't want to receive it yourself, don't send it.
  • Don't send emails from an ISP based email address (e.g. Instead, use your own domain (e.g.
  • Set up DKIM verification on the email address you're sending from.
  • Always keep your bounce rate below 5%, and your complaint rate below 0.1%.
  • Make sure that your emails contain fresh content - don't resend an identical email to a subscriber.
  • Make sure your content doesn't contain what looks like spammy content. If in doubt, check your email with Return Path.

For more tips, we highly recommend reading Amazon's best practices whitepaper.

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