Integrating with Carrd

EmailOctopus integrates with Carrd, a one-page site builder that you can use to create landing pages for your mailing list sign-up forms. Here's how to integrate the two platforms.

Carrd is a service allowing you to create a simple one-page site, which you can use as a landing page to collect email addresses and build your list. 

Integrating Carrd with EmailOctopus

1. Click the Add Element Button in Carrd

2. Click Form to create a new Form element in Carrd

3. Set Form Type to Signup, then Via EmailOctopus

4. Enter your EmailOctopus API Key, which you can find by following these instructions

5. Find your List ID – you can find it under your list's Settings tab in EmailOctopus. Your list's ID should resemble a string of random letters and numbers (eg.  xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

6. Enter the List ID from your EmailOctopus list settings (above)

7. How to Complete the Form: choose whether to display a message or redirect to a URL

8. Click Done! The site should now have our fully functional EmailOctopus sign-up form

Advanced Optional Settings:

1. Check Require double opt-in to send visitors an opt-in confirmation email. Make sure to enable double opt-in on your EmailOctopus list, too

2. Click the Fields tab and rename or toggle the form's fields. Note that some fields may require you to add additional text fields to your EmailOctopus list

3. Click the Button tab to change the form's Submit button label

4. Choose whether to enable reCAPTCHA

Troubleshooting tips

If you're getting a communication error, try the below:

  • Double-check that there's no space after the API code you've pasted in your form. If you've copied it to your clipboard from our API documentation it could have copied with a space at the end, so eliminating it could resolve the issue.
  • If you've switched the double opt-in on your EmailOctopus list, you might also check whether the double opt-in is enabled within your Carrd setup. 
  • Ensure that your reCAPTCHA is working – you might need to restart your browser.

If the communication error persists, reach out to Carrd to troubleshoot it further. 

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