How to add tags in bulk

The most straightforward way to tag your contacts is by accessing that contact within your list and adding a tag to their profile manually. We cover this process here. However, if you'd like to tag multiple contacts simultaneously, it's possible via import. 

To start the process, export the contacts you wish to tag. You can export contacts straight from your list, a campaign report or a segment. 

Open the downloaded CSV file and add a new column to enter your tags. You can add multiple tags to one cell, separating them with commas.  You can use up to 50 unique tags per list on Pro plans and 10 tags per list on the Starter plan. 

In the below example, we exported the file from the "Bounced" report and created a column in the exported file with a tag value "Welcome email bounce". We can import that file to update contacts with that tag.

Once you've added all the tags, save your file and go to the list with contacts you'd like to tag. Click "Add contacts" and choose "Import contacts from a file" from the drop-down menu. 

Upload your file and tick the "Subscribed" and "Update the contact" fields.

Click "Next", and you're ready to map your tags. You don't need to import any unchanged fields - they're in your list already. Find a column with your tags and choose the "Import comma-separated tags" option from the drop-down menu. Click the "import" button to complete the process. 

If you added new tags during the import, you'd find them in the "Tags" tab of your contact list.

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