Embedded forms

Embedded forms are forms which host on your own website, for which we provide you the code. 

You can create it by going to the Lists section, choosing your list, and then selecting the Forms tab. 

Within EmailOctopus you are able to choose if you wish to include a title, your additional fields or a rewards link (people signing up to EmailOctopus via this link will earn you credit on your EmailOctopus bill).

You also have the option to redirect users to a separate URL after signing up instead of displaying a thank you message. 

The text on your embedded form is not customisable, unless you edit the code.

After you have designed the form as per your needs, select the 'Get the code' button. This will generate a pop-up containing the code to this sign-up form. Select the 'Copy to clipboard' option to copy the code, and post it on the HTML of the website where you want the form to appear. 


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