What is EmailOctopus?

Are you just starting your email marketing journey or switching from another platform? We're here to give you a bit more idea of what EmailOctopus is about!

Since its founding in 2015, EmailOctopus helped thousands of users deliver billions of emails and manage their mailing lists efficiently, all at an affordable price. We're a self-service platform with a library full of help articles and video guides, as well as a Support team available almost 24/7 to help you navigate through the platform and achieve your email marketing needs.

Create and send engaging emails

The main thing you can use EmailOctopus for is sending email campaigns. You can create regular campaigns whenever you want to send an update to your existing contacts or automated emails, like welcome messages for new subscribers. We have over 30 ready-to-use drag and drop templates, as well as an HTML editor so that you can code your campaigns from scratch.

Pro tip: open your templates tab and create a template first. This way, you can use your own template as a base for all future campaigns and automated emails.

Build and manage your mailing list

We give you customisable subscription forms you can embed on your website and stand-alone landing pages, with which you can start collecting subscribers and adding them to your EmailOctopus list. We also integrate with many popular list-building tools on the market.

You can also use our import feature to add your existing contacts and their data as fields or tags. With our segmentation feature, you can group your contacts based on different field values, tags or campaign activity to always send emails to the right group of people.

Our automation feature allows you not only to send automated emails but also to manage and target your contact list more efficiently. You can choose from different triggers to decide which groups of contacts to include in your automation and create different conditioned paths for subscribers meeting different criteria.

Analyse your results

You can analyse the results of your campaigns and automated emails in the reports tab. Here, you can determine which of your sends were successful based on the number of opens and clicks or who unsubscribed after receiving the campaign. All the available reports can help you analyse your subscribers' behaviour and can be easily exported as a spreadsheet.

Watch our Getting Started video to see all of our features in action.

Sign up and start sending

If we're a suitable platform for you, you can sign up for a free Starter plan or a paid Pro plan. On our pricing page, you'll see the available Pro plan tiers and compare the features available on both plans.

Happy emailing!

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