Integrating Convertful with EmailOctopus

You can easily connect EmailOctopus with Convertful widgets with this easy step-by-step guide.

Why use Convertful?

Convertful is your "all-in-one tool to turn your visitors into leads and sales". Landing pages, popups and advanced testing. Include games, coupons, and quiz popups, abandoned cart intuitive popups and more.

Integrating Convertful with EmailOctopus:

Start from your Convertful dashboard. Choose your  Widget to edit, and go to the  Integration tab

Next, choose EmailOctopus from the list of available email providers. Then you will see fields for Account Name and Account API Key.

Login to your EmailOctopus dashboard and follow this link to the API screen. If you haven’t created an API key yet, click  Create a key.

Now you will see your API key displayed and a button below for Copy to Clipboard. Click this button to copy your key.

Navigate back to Convertful. Enter an Account Name and paste  your Account API Key. (Account Name is an internal value of Convertful that you will be able to use to identify this particular account in account lists.) 
Then, press the  Connect with EmailOctopus button:

Choose your list: The API Key allows Convertful to fetch your email lists from your EmailOctopus account. Now you can choose an email list to which your subscribers will be added:

Subscribed? By default, all new subscribers will be added to your list with an active subscription type, called Subscribed. These subscribers will receive the messages from your email campaigns. 

Advanced setting: You have the option to add subscribers to your list with an Unsubscribed status, to do so, just change the Subscribed switch position to 'off'.

Once finished, don’t forget to save the changes (using the Save button in the top right corner).

Integration complete! 

Now all subscribers who opted-in using this widget will be added to your EmailOctopus list.

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